Mortgage Brokers Sydney, Mortgage Brokers Melbourne and Mortgage Brokers Perth

Why Use a Mortgage Broker 

Mortgage Brokers SydneyMortgage Brokers Melbourne and Mortgage Brokers Perth help navigating the mortgage lending landscape which can be overwhelming at the best of times. Mortgage Brokers Sydney, Mortgage Broker Melbourne and Mortgage Brokers Perth are now a vital element of the mortgage lending business and an increasing number of home loans are being written through mortgage brokers.
Mortgage Brokers Perth, Mortgage Brokers Melbourne and Mortgage Brokers Sydney are not tied to any one bank or lending institution, so it is in their best interest to find you the best deal of the day. They offer a service to borrowers which involves an interview to assess the borrowers needs and matching them with the right home loan from a panel of lenders represented by the broker. The Mortgage Broker does all the shopping around and has access to many banks and lending institutions, and can access loans for borrowers who may not fit certain banks criteria.
Good mortgage brokers have all the relevant mortgage product information at hand in order to provide you with an expert opinion on the various loan products available. Good mortgage brokers usually have state of the art computer software with the capacity to compare any loan available to them. This is important because it gives you the opportunity to compare product features, fees, repayment schedules and interest rates, saving time and money in your research.

Why Use  Mortgage Brokers Perth, Mortgage Brokers Melbourne and Mortgage Brokers Sydney?

Advantage Mortgage Australia’s Mortgage Brokers Sydney, Mortgage Brokers Melbourne and Mortgage Brokers Perth are there to help you and here are a few reasons to utilise their services.

We offer a wider range of home loan alternatives than any one bank, we have access to over 25 different lenders and a thorough understanding of all their products.  We do all the shopping around to save you both time and money.

We meet you at a location of your choice, your home, workplace, café or at our offices, at a time convenient to you.  We are not tied to 9 to 5 and will meet with you out of normal working hours and weekends.

We will always be there to respond to your needs in a professional manner.  We also provide frequent communication throughout the whole loan process, and beyond settlement.

When the banks have declined your loan application for whatever reason, we may be able to find another lender who may offer you a loan.

Convenience and Service.

Mortgage Brokers Sydney, Mortgage Brokers Melbourne and Mortgage Brokers Perth